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Listen to Interview with Nina Foxx on Living It Up After 50


Marrying Up

Nina Foxx’s top-selling novel gets the cinematic treatment in this romantic comedy. Foxx’s heroine Paris Montague is forced to choose between love and money. Does she stick with Tyson, her lover who can satisfy her in bed but can’t contribute to her bank account? Or does she opt for Jabari Nolan, a man whose perfect façade may just be too good to be true?
For those of you that did not get your copy of Marrying UP, you can now rent it from NETFLIX! Put it in your queue. Its also available from and Target.







I’ve penned a new play called Baby Mama Drama. Right now, we are working on getting it filmed so we can make it available to you play lovers, but in the meantime, you can get the music.

I was honored to write music for the play along with my composing partner, John Forbes (ForJam Media). I had a blast doing it, and hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed writing. You can hear the songs FOR FREE on and and they are available on iTunes and Amazon music downloads. The music features Tyga Graham (Silk) and LaTrice Pace (The Anointed Pace Sisters). Check them out and let me know what you think.

Disc: 1

  1. Just Short of Crazy
  2. Actions Speak Louder
  3. Baby Mama Drama
  4. When Times Get Rough
  5. I Don’t Need A Man
  6. Cure For What Ails You

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