Vixen Lash

Eyelashes make you look sexy. They make you look younger! I created my eyelashes after I wanted lashes for a night out and they were hard and I could only use them one time. My daughter was a cheerleader and they wore lashes all the time, and my other daughter needed them for the stage. Then I noticed that many cancer survivors needed lashes all the time and Vixen Lash was born! I hand-designed these for comfort and fabulousness.

Vixen Lashes come in two styles, The DIVA—perfect for a night out or if you just roll like that, and The KAI, named for my youngest daughter who chose these to wear on stage in competitive ballet performances. They are both hand-laid and can be worn multiple times. (I’m not going to say how many, but one of my customers says she wore hers over 17 times!) Just clean them off gently in between wears with eye makeup remover.

Be fabulous!

Diva- One Pair – $10.00

Diva- Two Pair- $15.00 

Kai- One Pair  – $10.00  

Kai- Two Pair – $15.00   

COMBO (One of Each)

Diva, Kai, One Each – $15.00