Going Buck Wild

Going Buck Wild
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Publication Year: June 29, 2004
ASIN: B001P9O376
ISBN: 0060564490
Things are about to get funky for Ms. Claudia Barrett… Avon Books/HarperCollins Publishers
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About the Book

Let’s go crazy!

Successful Claudia Barrett seems to be doing it all right.She’s a vice president at her firm, with an engagement ring on her finger from the man who’s loved her since high school. So what if she’s been wearing it for five years — and her classic, expensive, dull everyday outfits make her look like someone fatally allergic to a good time?

What exactly is wrong with the girl?

She’s bored, for one thing. She’s thirty years old and in a rut — and best friend, Pam, thinks it’s time Claudia got her freak on. It’s time to inject a little action, adventure, and good old-fashioned lust into this sister’s life. But practicing what Pam is preaching and going buck wild could have some serious consequences, especially when tall, dark, and dangerous Cody is added to the mix.

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