Get Some Love

Get Some Love
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Publication Year: July 29, 2003
ISBN: 0060526483
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About the Book

Dark and lovely Angelica Chapee was brought up right by her loving grandparents. Still reeling from the shock of losing the two people she cared for most in the world, she’s anything but ready for what’s waiting for her in her dear departed “pop-pop’s” will. It turns out her grandfather was rich-millionaire-rich!. And it’s all coming to Angelica-if the innocent, almost 21-and-never-been-kissed Baton Rouge baby can prove that she’s no longer a…

Well this is just crazy–and the last thing she would have expected from that sweet old man! And six days is so little time to go from being a Ms. Don’t-Touch-Me to Hot lady Love! But a couple cool mil is a strong incentive. And Juan Delgado, that fine black Puerto Rican prince from the Bronx, NYC, who’s down south on family business, would be turning her head anyway, fortune or no.

Still, Angelica’s a “good” girl–and getting it on with stranger seem wrong! And now the money is attracting some shady characters with very bad motives…So Angelica’s got something else to worry about besides her virtue! Smart, sexy, fast, and fun, Nina Foxx’s Get Some Love is a pure delight.

"Smoothly written and sprinkled throughout with humor, Get Some Love is a redeeming story about surviving loss, finding love, and staying true to yourself."
– C. Kelly Robinson, Author, No More Mr. Nice Guy
"Nina Foxx has written a compelling cautionary tale about the power of money versus personal integrity and being true to one's heart. "Get Some Love" is a pageturner that satisfies on every level.
– Lolita Files, Author of Child of God
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