Do the Write Thing Seven Steps to Publishing Success

Do the Write Thing  Seven Steps to Publishing Success
Authors: ,
Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Manisy Willows Books, LLC
Publication Year: January 15, 2002
ASIN: 0967895960
ISBN: 9780967895963
This book is a must have for anyone publishing their work.
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About the Book

For writers determined to publish their own work, Kwame Alexander, with the help of Nina Foxx, offers Do the Write Thing: 7 Steps to Publishing Success. Alexander, a writer, publishing consultant and founder of the independent press BlackWords, advises readers in a friendly and practical manner on everything from writing and editing your manuscript, starting a publishing company and printing your book to marketing, sales and author tours. Besides furnishing a lexicon of publishing terms, a list of helpful reading materials, inspirational and cautionary anecdotes and savvy regarding hiring editors of all sorts, Alexander endows writers with the confidence they need to self-publish.


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